If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen me proudly parading my handmade knitwear for the past month.

Ridgeway Scarf #wearyourknits | Shortrounds Knitwear

All too soon, my month of wearing my own handmade knitwear is drawing to a close, so I thought I’d reflect on one of the fastest months of my life ever -sharing what I’ve discovered during this experiment, how my feelings towards my own knits have changed and how I plan to carry on.

  1. I have key favourites
    Despite having plenty of knitwear to fill more than a month of outfits, I definitely didn’t wear everything. I love everything I’ve made, but among the knits I wore, clear favourites emerged. Namely Anais, Aviary, Honeymaker and Curcuma. Which means…
  2. …I’ll be picking my projects much more carefully going forward
    The aim of the game is to #wearyourknits – so why spend hours and hours creating something that in the end you’re never going to wear? There are certain things I’ve made that I just know I won’t wear now. Either they don’t fit properly (bad gauge from early knitting days), the colour’s wrong, or they just aren’t “me” any more.
  3. Don’t be afraid to frog a finished project
    In the cases where I’ve clearly not worn a finished knit for ages, frogging is a valid option. I’m against keeping my hand knits for sentimental value only. Better to make it again with a better fit, or to reincarnate the yarn into something more beautiful!
  4. My style has changed
    Some of my knitwear has been in my collection for at least a couple of years. In that time of course personal style changes. For me this just reinforces my need to pick classic patterns that I know won’t date for me – meaning I’ll get years and years of wear out of them.
  5. I shouldn’t be scared to wear my knits
    My knits are a lot tougher than they look, and I shouldn’t be scared to wear, spill, wash, repeat.
  6. My knitwear is more autumn/winter based
    I’ll certainly be picking some summer patterns next, so I can wear my knits all year round.

I hope my little challenge has given you food for thought! It’s certainly changed my attitude…

Happy knitting everyone


Links to the patterns I’ve worn this month include: Anais, Aviary, Curcuma Shawl, Fingerless mittens, Honeymaker Sweater, Lily Slipper Flats (part of Home Collection), Mellow Sweater, Mohair Bias Loop, Olga Sweater, Ridgeway Scarf, Robin Shrug, Top Notch Tee, Winter Buzz Mittens.





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