Bluebird tea co.

To save us from knitting overload, how about a quick tea break? My knitting sessions are admittedly 30% knitting, 70% tea consumption (I’m an awesome procrastinator). And boy do I like my tea! You know you’ve got a problem, when you have a “Top three favourite tea companies” list…

My favourite by far is Bluebird Tea Co. of Brighton. Award-winning tea mixologists, they concoct the most incredible selection of teas, from the everyday to the extraordinary. And I really admire their ethos as a company – ethically sound and constantly thinking sustainably! I’ve yet to visit their shop in Brighton, but you can bet it’ll be my first stop when I’m next there. You can check out their full collection here┬ábut here are a few of my personal favourites!

Earl Grey Creme

Bluebird Tea Co. Earl Grey Creme tea - Shortrounds Knitwear

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