Yarn for sensitive skin

I realise this is a controversial post and one that’s difficult to get right for everyone. I myself have encountered issues when following advice on yarns for sensitive skin. I consider myself to be super-sensitive as a lot of self-proclaimed and friend-recommended sensitive yarns have irritated me regardless. And there’s nothing more frustrating that knitting a sweater, only to find you can’t wear it!

Everyone is different and even the smoothest, squishiest (is that even a word) fibres can itch the heck out of some people! So I completely understand if you read this post with some scepticism. I would too. But having done pretty extensive research into this department (read here: fed up with itchy jumpers subsequently banished to the back of the wardrobe) as a guide, here are my top yarns that I have found to be non-irritating and perfect for the sensitive soul that I am!

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