Spring 2015 Etsy discount

The seasons are changing. Lambs are being born (which means MORE WOOL!), flowers are starting to bloom and it’s time to stash the winter woollies and swap them over for lighter, brighter knits!

I’ve been busy working on some springtime knitting patterns, which will soon be available to buy (sneak peeks below). But in the meantime, to celebrate the arrival of Spring there’s 10% Etsy discount off every purchase via Shortrounds Knitwear Etsy shop!

From now until Friday 17th April, I’m offering 10% off every order on my Etsy shop. That includes any custom orders too! Just enter SPRING15 at the checkout to receive your discount!

Knot Stitch Baby Blanket

Knot Stitch Blanket (etsy discount) - Shortrounds Knitwear

Bria Armwarmers

Bria Armwarmers knitting pattern (etsy discount) - Shortrounds Knitwear



A Very Braidy cable cowl – knitting pattern

I love cables! My last post on the ‘Honeymaker‘ may tell you otherwise, but I do really love a good cabled knit.

One of the first things I ever knitted for my mum was this cowl by Pickles with lovely cables to twist the entire fabric, creating a really elegant effect! But this post isn’t about that cowl (maybe another time)…

Three years on, and I found this little gem of a pattern on Ravelry. And bonus…. it’s free!

A Very Braidy Cowl – Maryse Roudier

A very braidy cowl, Maryse Roudier - Shortrounds Knitwear Continue reading

Quince & Co. – Honeymaker sweater pattern

7 long months…
6 skeins of Osprey…
5 separate attempts…
4 temper tantrums…
2 cramping hands…
1 very understanding boyfriend.

Quince & Co. Honeymaker pattern - Shortrounds KnitwearSource

This has been a long time in the making…anyone who follows me on Instagram will know I spent many of my evenings over the last few months pouring over this epic cabled jumper by Quince & Co. It’s taken me even longer to take images for this blog post, because me and this jumper needed a time out!

I chose the Honeymaker knitting pattern to challenge myself, keep my attention, teach me a thing or two – I wanted something that wasn’t just stockinette stitch. Well this certainly delivered! Continue reading

Wool care – essential tips and products

The Truth

Natural fibres will always pill and bobble to a certain extent, it’s simply an unavoidable fact. Some mistakenly believe that the more you spend on clothing, the less you’d expect this to happen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but regardless of how much you spend on woollen clothing or accessories, this will still occur where certain fibres are concerned. From designer to high street, from mass produced to handmade, it’s universal.

Don’t despair! Luckily there are plenty of things you can do stop this from happening. You can even revive tired, old worn out garments with the help of some handy wool care tips and a few fantastic products.

Pilling and bobbling occurs when fibres rub together, so think underarm areas and perhaps where you sling your shoulder bag over your knitwear. This is particularly common with softer, chunkier yarns and fibres that are often spun more loosely. When pilling happens, this can make your knitwear look shabby and ready to throw out. But I’m pleased to say, with the right wool care and a little preening your garments can look good as new.

Here’s how I go about reviving my knitwear. I hope you find at least one of these recommendations helpful! And please comment if you have any handy tips to share 🙂 sharing’s caring!

Woolcare - Shortrounds Knitwear Continue reading

Top 5 budget yarn buys

Last week I shared my ‘Top 5 Luxury Yarn Buys’ with you, now this week I’m looking at the opposite end of the spectrum and indulging in my ‘Top 5 Budget Yarns’. Don’t assume low cost means cheap and nasty. Think more cheap and cheerful – as the yarns I’ve selected (in my opinion anyway) combine both value for money and quality. There’s absolutely no point in paying next to nothing for yarn if it’s not going to do the job.

And on the flipside, let’s be honest – I know I’m not alone in having paid a small fortune for supposed ‘high-quality yarns’ before and been bitterly disappointed with the outcome. It’s good to get the balance right, so these two blog posts are all about finding the best yarn for the job!

If you feel differently to me on any of these yarns, or have any other suggestions, have your say and please comment – I’d love to know what your favourite yarns are!

Rico Creative cotton aran

Rico Creative Cotton Aran budget yarns - Shortrounds Knitwear Continue reading