What’s on my knit list?

When I first started knitting I focused on one project, and one project alone until it was cast off, ends woven in, blocked, finished. It was methodical, serene, focused – productive.

Since then and over the years I’ve developed a habit of half-starting several projects, to a point where I can now have five WIPs on the go! Developed from wanting to knit for myself, friends, family, work… It’s certainly a more frantic approach to knitting, and one I’m definitely not wanting to encourage. It’s led to a nasty habit of indecision and procrastination. Not a great combination.

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What is it about Autumn?

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the new knitting releases world. I had such a growing stash of projects and materials, that I had to reinstate the yarn embargo. That meant no pouring over beautiful skeins on Loveknitting or Loop. No Googling Brooklyn Tweed, Quince & Co. and Woolfolk. It also meant shutting my eyes as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, every time Melanie Berg, Melanie Hoffman or Andrea Mowry post oh-so-tempting knits…

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Ravelry Faves – the shawl edit

Just a quick one from me this Friday. And with a whole free weekend ahead of me with absolutely no plans but to read and knit to my heart’s content, I’ve been thinking on which patterns I could pick up the stitches to next! My Ravelry favourites contain not too few shawl patterns at the moment, and I’ve yet to make anything bigger than a scarf to wrap around my shoulders. So here’s a selection of shawls and wraps that I’m mulling over for this weekend. Which do you think I should go for?

French Cancan ShawlFrench Cancan Ravelry pattern | Shortrounds Knitwear

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