What I’ve been knitting lately…

It’s Christmas Eve!!!!! And after a few weeks of flying low under the radar, I’ve had some time to finish off a lot of knitting projects that were niggling at me to be completed (you know the ones, projects that keep you awake at night or torment you when you should be concentrating on life admin).

Knitted Christmas presents have been gifted, Etsy orders have been all tied up and commissions are complete. Since I started this little endeavour, I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment when I’ve not had something that I should be knitting for someone else. So now, I have all this free time over the holidays to knit for me – what a novelty! And one I’m not taking at all for granted. As much as I love knitting things for other people, I’m really looking forward to casting off on some knitwear that I’ve been working on for myself.

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A few more favourite knitting patterns

I’ve had a little Spring/Summer break from the blog recently. But I’m back! And after a few (countless) hours perusing the internet for my next knitting pattern purchase I finally came up with a shortlist of hot contenders. It’s a very serious business, choosing my next project. Some knitting projects (some still ongoing) have lasted longer than some of my relationships!

My longest standing project is the Feather Sweater by Pickles, which I started over a year ago, put down, picked up, put down, picked up. It’s the perfect companion really. There when I really need it, yet patiently waiting when I (rather unfaithfully) drop it for another enticing project!

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What’s in your yarn stash?

My yarn stash is ever growing…I certainly buy more than I use up.

I also have a terrible habit of not throwing away the little yarn that remains after I’ve finished a project . Even if the remains wouldn’t even knit up a sock toe.

So I rolled up my sleeves last week and rummaged through my stash box, brutally culling my mountainous yarn pile. Out of this, I discovered a few gems in my collection, yet to be used. (Don’t you love a good clean out?!)

Here are the precious skeins yet to be transformed into finished projects…watch this space!

Metalico in Opal – Blue Sky Alpacas

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A Very Braidy cable cowl – knitting pattern

I love cables! My last post on the ‘Honeymaker‘ may tell you otherwise, but I do really love a good cabled knit.

One of the first things I ever knitted for my mum was this cowl by Pickles with lovely cables to twist the entire fabric, creating a really elegant effect! But this post isn’t about that cowl (maybe another time)…

Three years on, and I found this little gem of a pattern on Ravelry. And bonus…. it’s free!

A Very Braidy Cowl – Maryse Roudier

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