Decorative homewares – Oates & Co.

Every once in a while you discover a website that you just know will frequent your browsing history for years to come. I probably look at hundreds of websites in any given month but I have just a handful that I keep coming back to. These little gems are discovered very infrequently but when they come along they can be a heady mixture of impactful, thought-provoking and inspiring!

So when I heard that my friend Sylvia was embarking on her own decorative homewares business venture earlier this year, I was a little more than excited! Today there are more start up businesses than ever before and more and more people are finding interesting and creative ways to turn their passion in a viable, thriving business. You hear of this happening almost everywhere, and I was so pleased and proud to see that someone I knew personally was taking the plunge.

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Knitwear faves – AW14 part 2

One blog post just wasn’t enough to cover all of my favourite autumn/winter jumper knitting patterns that I’m desperately in need of! (If you missed my last post click here!) And as I’m ‘knitting for me’ this autumn, my list keeps getting ever longer. So stick the kettle on, grab a blanket and put your feet up while you check out the rest of my must-haves for this year.

Chloe – Jo Storie

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Just words…

In the world of stencils and illustrative typography Dana Tanamachi reigns supreme for me! In my job I’m confronted with endless variations of typography, stencilling and illustrations, I must confess most of the time they all meld into one big blur. But this Brooklyn-based graphic designer/typographer is different. So I thought I’d share her lovely work with you this fine Friday, because sometimes it’s nice to look at beautiful things!

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Knitwear faves – AW14 part 1

It’s my favourite time of year, when the leaves start to turn and the cool air begins to bite, and my choice of jumper becomes progressively thicker day-by-day. This two part blog explores my favourite jumper knitwear and knitting patterns I’ve discovered this autumn. Comfy, cosy, snuggly, warm and soft – don’t these all just make you want to curl up in a ball with nice hot cup of Ovaltine?

Danforth – Quince & Co.

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