What’s on my knit list?

When I first started knitting I focused on one project, and one project alone until it was cast off, ends woven in, blocked, finished. It was methodical, serene, focused – productive.

Since then and over the years I’ve developed a habit of half-starting several projects, to a point where I can now have five WIPs on the go! Developed from wanting to knit for myself, friends, family, work… It’s certainly a more frantic approach to knitting, and one I’m definitely not wanting to encourage. It’s led to a nasty habit of indecision and procrastination. Not a great combination.

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Knitwear faves 14/6

Heads up – the Knitwear Faves and Ravelry Faves are all combined under one tidy selection of Knitwear Faves from now on. And here is a small collection of recent additions to my Ravelry favourites list!

Dafne – Julie Hoover

A gorgeous spring/summer knit by the supremely talented knitwear designer Julie Hoover.

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A Q&A with knitwear designer Veronica Shaw of Fishtail

I’m so pleased to introduce you to an amazing knitwear designer Veronica Shaw of Fishtail. Her unique and individual patterns are instantly recognisable to me, and yet they are wonderfully straightforward knits to pick up, with quite a few of her projects being able to be completed in one quick sitting. I have had the pleasure of testing one of her knitting patterns over the Christmas break and found I’d completed my triangle shawl in just two short hours! Veronica is driven by a passion to introduce as many people as possible to the beautiful craft of knitting through her stunning knitwear designs, which in my opinion can be picked up easily by the complete beginner through to the expert crafter.

I want you to get to know this independent knitwear designer as well as I do, so Veronica very kindly agreed to take part in my latest Q&A. You can find Fishtail knitting patterns frequently featured in Let’s Knit magazine and new patterns will be launching on Ravelry very soon, so keep your eyes peeled and knitting needles at the ready…

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What I’ve been knitting lately…

It’s Christmas Eve!!!!! And after a few weeks of flying low under the radar, I’ve had some time to finish off a lot of knitting projects that were niggling at me to be completed (you know the ones, projects that keep you awake at night or torment you when you should be concentrating on life admin).

Knitted Christmas presents have been gifted, Etsy orders have been all tied up and commissions are complete. Since I started this little endeavour, I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment when I’ve not had something that I should be knitting for someone else. So now, I have all this free time over the holidays to knit for me – what a novelty! And one I’m not taking at all for granted. As much as I love knitting things for other people, I’m really looking forward to casting off on some knitwear that I’ve been working on for myself.

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