Knitwear faves 1/8

This week’s top spots for knitwear faves!

Love Julie’s recently cast off Delineate tank by OBK!

An oldie but a goodie! Good old Purl Soho.

OK so not a knitting post perse, but certainly a good read if you’re thinking of thinking of going into business with your crafting, or anything for that matter!

I’m currently knitting this beautiful cardigan in Kestrel 100% organic linen (see my latest progress over on Instagram).


Happy knitting!




2 thoughts on “Knitwear faves 1/8

  1. I enjoyed the perspective on the 5 year plan piece. There definitely a standard that most of use try to live up to, but that may not be the path your life is going to take. Thanks for sharing!

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