“I come from the land of the ice and snow…”

Where does a self-confessed knitaholic choose to go on holiday? Why, Iceland of course!

No relaxing on the beach for me and Mr Shortrounds this time round. Early in February we scooted off to Reykjavik and southwest Iceland to explore and take in the natural beauty that this stunning landscape has to offer! From geysirs and waterfalls, to black beaches and glacier walking – we weren’t disappointed. We were so lucky, we even got to see the Northern Lights!

It also offered the perfect opportunity to product test my soon to be available knitwear. Because what’s the point of making something that doesn’t work, right?! I’m pleased to report, that in temperatures of down to -10°C I kept wonderfully toasty. I may have had a freezing nose but I don’t suit a balaclava, so I had to make do.

Now I’m back, it’s full steam ahead to get Shortrounds Knitwear up and running. I’m just getting the final pieces together, so look out for an announcement on the launch very soon! In the meantime, without further delay, here’s a few snaps from our sub-zero mini break. See you soon!

Northern Lights!
Northern Lights!

Reynisfjara Halsanefshellir, Iceland
Reynisfjara Halsanefshellir, Iceland
Vik church, Iceland - Shortrounds
Church in Vik, Iceland
Mr Shortrounds setting up for a 'grand shot'...
Mr Shortrounds setting up for a ‘grand shot’…
Feeding Icelandic horses in Iceland - Shortrounds
I got a bit excited feeding Icelandic horses
Gullfoss, Iceland - Shortrounds
Temperatures were a balmy -10 degrees!
Eyjafjallajökull glacier, Iceland - Shortrounds
Then it all got a bit too cold #surviving!
Faxa, Iceland - Shortrounds
But mostly….
Roadside, Iceland - Shortrounds
…it was simply….
Sunset, Iceland - Shortrounds


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