Five new patterns – baby knits

Knitwear for mini humans has a special place in my heart. Baby knits often take no time at all, and always look super cute no matter the pattern!

I’ve been trawling the internet looking for the latest inspiration for my next baby knits – ready for when the next one of my lucky friends has a(nother) baby! A mixture of goodies for both boys and girls, with a bonus toy thrown into the mix – enjoy!

The Purl Bee – Super Simple Super Soft Merino Baby Hat (free knitting pattern)

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Knitwear AW15 trends

Making something by hand takes time, patience and on occasion a bit of investment. If you’re going to spend 60+ hours knitting a sweater, you better make sure you’re gonna want to wear it at the end, and what’s more – it better stand the test of time.

I’m not the firmest follower of fashion. I tend to pick out my favourite ‘trends’ as the seasons and years go by, keeping them with me normally until they’ve passed out of fashion and back in again! When it comes to making my own knitwear, I tend to pick modern classic patterns. Not too off the wall, but with enough interest to not look like something I could’ve picked up from the highstreet. This way, I can pair my knits with loads of things in my wardrobe, to ensure I get the most flexibility and wear out of a garment. No one wants to spend £££’s on a handmade garment only to then have to spend even more £££’s buying stuff to go with it!

AW trends are my favourite, because it’s socially acceptable to wear chunky knits with arm-swamping sleeves! I’ve been taking a look at what’s in, and what I’m going to be taking forward to pair with my handmade knitwear. Bring on the winter! Continue reading

Knitwear from the movies

The silver screen is a great source of inspiration for many things…quotes to throw at your friends, travel destinations, fashion, beauty, hair and makeup….all of the things.

And we can definitely add knitwear to that list, with plenty of knitters and designer/makers providing patterns for our favourite on-screen garments. These little beauties have caught my eye over the years, so I had to share! Some are iconic, others more obscure, but these gorgeous examples of knitwear have had me scouring the internet for replica patterns/garments that I could get my hands on.

Katniss’s hunters cowl vest

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A Very Braidy cable cowl – knitting pattern

I love cables! My last post on the ‘Honeymaker‘ may tell you otherwise, but I do really love a good cabled knit.

One of the first things I ever knitted for my mum was this cowl by Pickles with lovely cables to twist the entire fabric, creating a really elegant effect! But this post isn’t about that cowl (maybe another time)…

Three years on, and I found this little gem of a pattern on Ravelry. And bonus…. it’s free!

A Very Braidy Cowl – Maryse Roudier

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Raspberry stitch mittens – a different take

In January, I posted about the Raspberry Stitch Mittens I had made for my friend Su. These winter warmers were made using Debbie Bliss Paloma chunky yarn. They have been so well received and I’ve had some lovely comments about them (which was a nice surprise). So much so I had a request to make them in aran weight yarn, with a bright contrast thumb!

Leon wanted ‘his and hers’ fingerless mittens, a pair for him and a pair for his wife. The only difference, the colour on the thumb! So I set about recrafting my pattern to suit the different yarn weight. Here’s the free knitting pattern for you to try…

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Half-and-half scarf – free knitting pattern

I was thrilled to be asked to make another garter stitch hat for my friend Sarah. But as well as a hat, she wanted a matching infinity scarf to be paired with it. Challenge on!

half and half hat and scarf set, knitting blog uk,

As much as I love garter stitch, you can have too much of a good thing, and I wanted to create something a little more interesting than a plain garter stitch hat and scarf set. Inspired by this pin on Pinterest back in 2014, I set about recreating a bulkier ‘half-and-half’ pattern myself. It’s a lovely mixture of basketweave and garter stitch, which look like they were made to be knitted together in my opinion. The original pin has me yearning for a mint green scarf now, but I have to push that thought to the back of my mind and get on with more pressing things!

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Raspberry stitch mittens

Over the Christmas break, I took the opportunity to get a few projects under my belt. There’s nothing like having three days with no plans to make a considerable dent in your knitting list!

Debbie Bliss paloma yarn in rust 007, knitting blog uk, free knitting pattern

One of my favourite projects has to be the raspberry stitch mittens I designed and knitted for my friend Su. I’m a big fan of Debbie Bliss yarn at the moment (I’m going through a phase…) and made these fingerless mittens out of the beautifully soft Paloma in Rust (007). This yarn suits mittens and smaller projects perfectly due to its ‘chain’ construction, meaning it’s warm and chunky yet stretchy and light too.

So without further ado, here’s the free knitting pattern for you to have a go yourself!

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