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Why am I doing this blog post at the start of February, rather than the beginning of January 2017 like most? Because, I hate resolutions. And these six things are decidedly not resolutions.

Beginner knitting workshop cowl | Shortrounds Knitwear

I took the first month of this year deciding whether or not my goals for knitting are achievable. Not wanting to over-face myself, after what I considered to be a ground-breaking blog/knitting year for me and Shortrounds in 2016.

What knitting techniques do you want to master? How are you planning on spending your year of crafting? And how are you going to push yourself forward this fine 2017? Here’s my definitive list…

  1. Host my own knitting workshop
    OK, so I may be cheating a little on this first knitting goal. I’m hosting my first pair of knitting workshops at Debbie Bryan this month. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and Debbie’s shop is the absolute perfect setting. Find out more about my two beginner knitting workshops in this post.
  2. Master continental knitting
    My personal knitting technique leaves much to be desired. I’ve never quite mastered the beautiful continental knitting style, which would be perfect for me as a left-handed crafter. For speed, I’ve created this weird hybrid of English/Irish cottage knitting. It’s fast for me and it works, but I know if I just persevere with continental style knitting I’d get much faster. But as with everything, I need to dedicate time and a full project to creating it completely in continental style. This is going to be the year!
  3. Release a further two knitting patterns
    I released three knitting patterns last year, and just love the feedback I’ve been getting on my Curcuma Shawl and Hessian Baby Blanket. And I love seeing your progress pictures! Fills me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I have lots of ideas scribbled on various scraps of paper in my office, ready to be swatched and written up. Time to put my plans into action and release some more patterns.
  4. Knit in a fibre I’ve not yet tried
    Wool, alpaca, cotton, silk, linen, mohair. I’ve loved trying out new textures and fibres over the years. But what about cashmere, llama, camel, bamboo? I plan to try out as many new and interesting fibres as possible this year.
  5. Support British spinners and hand-dyers
    Be this from the humble start ups to the truly well-established British producers, when making my yarn selections throughout this year, I will always where possible pick British. I’ve loved working with The Uncommon Thread BFL singles on my Dad’s Longfellow cardigan (write up on this coming soon). And I’ve been discovering lots of lovely new British companies with the help of my Sonic Knits subscription, and Instagram/Etsy trawling. Bring on the Brits!
  6. Learn brioche stitch
    I have always loved this beautiful stitch. I fawn over pictures and projects made up in brioche and long to be able to make Andrea Mowry’s Briochealicious shawl! I met a brioche aficionado at a knitting workshop last month and I’m determined to knit a pattern in brioche this year. I’m reassured that once you get it, it’s easy to master…

Happy knitting





2 thoughts on “Knitting goals

  1. I think I’ve always had knitting goals (in my head) and never really thought to write them down. Thank you for this inspiration! I’ve been knitting forever and love that there is always something new to learn. I too am going to try to tackle a brioche pattern. So there it is! I’ve written down one of my fiber goals for the year. Now I’ll try to think up some more!

    1. That’s great Laura! I definitely hold myself more accountable by writing my goals and ‘to do’ list down. Let me know how you get on with the brioche!! xx

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